Monday, 21 July 2014

EurUsd - Still on breakdown watch

EurUsd - still on EW breakdown watch. There is an off chance that the high of the retracement is in @3550. However I think not. If it is not so there is an intra-day long chance to buy against the 3511 low looking for at least 3550. I am looking for the downmove instead


Saturday, 19 July 2014

UsdCad - Long indicates against 1.0600

Dollar Index: Time to make its move

If I am expecting the eurusd to tank then this index should rally hard as the euro makes up about 50% of this index.


EurUsd: More downside expected

2 additional points:

1.3700 from where the retracement reversed is exactly a 38.2% fib of the whole downmove
The target for the rough 'H&S' if confirmed is 1.3000 area